A Good Vintage

Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words. - Plautus

One of my best friends is getting married and this is cause for celebration! Her bridesmaids and I threw her an intimate shower at a rustic vineyard for a wonderful afternoon surrounded by friends and family. The color of the bride's beautiful engagement ring, aquamarine, was inspiration for many of the little handmade touches.  Photo Credit: My good friend Joan of Applesky Photography took all of the beautiful photographs for the day including a mini engagement shoot of the happy couple in the vineyard after the shower!

For contrast and to soften the rustic setting, we created some simple feminine decorations. Swinging from the rafters were tissue paper puffs in multiple shades of aqua. Create a puff by cutting 3 layers of tissue paper in half and stack for a total of 6 layers, then accordion fold the layers - about 1" folds. After folding, tie at the center with wire or ribbon, and cut the ends into a point or half rounds. Pull up each layer one at the time, fluffing into a ball.  Hung on the walls were faux vintage pendant banners, instead of messing with fabrics and sewing, I went to the craft store and selected a few fabric print scrap-booking papers, cutting them into triangles. I attached the paper triangles to an aqua ribbon with some brass fasteners. I used leftover papers for labeling the buffet food (held up by wine corks like in a previous post) and for custom cupcake wrappers to tie it all together.

As guests arrived and mingled, they were treated to a wine tasting. One of the little activities at the shower was a "Guess how many corks in the jar" game with the winner receiving a bottle of wine from the vineyard to take home! Every guest received a keepsake wine glass with the name of the vineyard filled with custom chocolates made by one of the bridesmaids.

On each table was a custom labeled wine bottle accompanied by a silver paint marker that doubled as a guest book. Each label (printed by one of the bridesmaids to match the invites) said "One Month Anniversary", "3 Month Anniversary" etc. for the newlyweds to open throughout their first few years and read the well wishes written on the bottles from their loved ones.

I printed up some custom stickers (as described in a previous post) to match the invites and with the Bride and Groom's initials to make the desserts extra sweet!

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  1. I loved how the wine theme and the color aquamarine were tied into every detail of the day from decor to favors to food!! What a special day that was!!