Creepy Chic

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble. - Shakespeare (Macbeth)
A good friend was planning to host a Halloween Party at a local bar and we were coming up with some simple yet festive ways to decorate the room. We didn't want the typical black and orange theme so we decided to go "Creepy Chic" as if the party were held in an abandoned, haunted bar. This would be easy to pull off with the bar's large windows, exposed brick walls and dim lighting. All we had to add was some stylish details and a healthy dose of cobwebs!

A fun project for the occasion was to create a pair of candelabras to flank the bar top itself. I started with large sheets of black foam core (make sure the core is black too!) and a stencil. To create the stencil: fold a large sheet of paper in half and draw half of a candelabra including the swirling arms, candles, and base. Cut the paper while still folded to create a perfectly symmetrical silhouette. Next, trace the stencil onto the black foam core and cut out with an x-acto blade or utility knife.

After cutting out each silhouette (my cat Herbert helped supervise!), measure halfway down and cut a slot the width of the foam core material. One silhouette will have a slot on the top half, and one will have a slot on the bottom half. Then, just slide them together and voila!

We brought the candelabras to the bar and set them up with cobwebs and creepy crawlies to complete the look! This is a great project for any occasion: use hot pink foam core and feather trimmings for a swanky birthday or bachelorette! Use silver or gold foam core and rhinestones accents for a glamorous bridal shower or New Year's Eve dinner party! For the really ambitious, enlarge the scale even more and create a hanging chandelier!

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