Destination: Wedding, Part 2

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. - Mignon McLaughlin
So excited to leave for our big trip to Asia this month! As a bridesmaid, I've been busy helping tie up loose ends and last minute details... including making some fabulous peacock feather boutonnieres for the men and fasinators for the ladies. I love the non-traditional twist on classic flower options, and I love how they came out!

They were a bit of a challenge but once I figured out the right method, they went pretty fast! I cut a strip of felt as a backing, then arranged and hot glued the feather stems to the felt. Next, I wrapped a piece of ribbon around the felt/ feather base and hot glued the end to secure it. I can't wait to share these with the bridal party!

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  1. We Love Love Love this Boutonnierre and fascinator!!! You are a star!!