Recently we went to a housewarming party hosted by the lovely Claire of my favorite blog, Gibson King!  She was so excited to try out some new recipes for her latest obsession: gourmet popcorn!!  So as a hostess gift I brought her some lovely chevron (her other obsession!) glassine bags I ordered from my new go to online supply store, The Sugar Diva.

They worked out perfectly and guests snatched them up, munching on Claire's delicious creations - including this one featured recently on her blog!  Now I'm thinking of some other fun things to use these bags for... veggie frites, nut clusters, cinnamon sugar tortilla strips...


  1. Those bags were totally adorable! They defiantly made the popcorn taste better! xoxo
    Thanks for all the shout outs!

  2. PS: LOVE your new header!!! xoxo