Garden Party

Daisies are like sunshine to the ground. - Drew Barrymore
Friends of mine had a wonderful joint birthday party this weekend held in a community garden on the Upper West Side. It was the perfect afternoon under the trees, surrounded by brick buildings covered in ivy! The party colors were sunny yellows and bright whites and the invites proclaimed their combined ages. I took these cues and created some festive bouquets of daisies for the birthday girls. Here are some of the tricks behind these arrangements...

One centerpiece used a large square glass vase. To keep the flowers from clumping together or flopping over, I used clear tape to make a grid on the top of the vase. (About 3 strips across each way.) Then simply slip a stem or two in each grid opening!

Another centerpiece used two plastic cups of water tucked inside of a square bamboo box. The plastic bends to fill in the corners of the box!

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