Boogie Man

Put on your boogie shoes...
Milestone birthday's call for milestone parties... so for a family member's 40th birthday we surprised him with a party straight out of the decade he was born in - the 70's! I researched all the fun found in the 70's and came up with some great ways to transform the hostess's house into a groovy love lounge!

Fondue dinner parties were huge in the 70's and the perfect way to get the family together. The hostess went all out with 3 different courses - cheese for appetizers, oil for entree meats, and chocolate for dessert!  Pre-cutting up all the bite size pieces for dipping and borrowing fondue pots from family members made switching up the courses easy.

Framing the entrance to the dining area were funky beaded curtains. Since the tables would be crowded with fondue accoutrements, centerpieces had to go up - as in hanging psychedelic lanterns from the ceiling centered above each table. At each place setting was a toy kaleidoscope to add to the trippy fun! Throughout the house we hung printouts of classic 70's movie and TV show posters like King Kong and Starsky and Hutch.  Playing on the TV throughout the night were 70's episodes of Charlie's Angels and scenes from Saturday Night Fever!

Speaking of Saturday Night Fever, what's dinner without some dancing? So the living room was converted into a disco complete with spinning disco ball and flower power garlands radiating outward from it. To add to the lounge vibe, the couches were dressed up with colorful fuzzy pillows and throws.

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