An Elephant Never Forgets

One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know. - Groucho Marx
Sometimes life sneaks up on you, including parties! A friend of mine was set to hostess a baby shower in her back patio on a sunny weekend in DC but only got as far as picking the theme and menu when the party was suddenly upon her! I was up in NJ so I couldn't run around and do the shopping for her (as much as I would have loved to!) plus there was no time to order or ship anything. So instead, I whipped up some simple printable decorations that I could email and she could print and assemble to create an adorable baby blue elephant baby shower!

Items like these are readily available to purchase on sites like etsy but you can also make your own with programs like Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator and Microsoft Office Word. The simplest item I made that had the most impact was custom stickers the hostess used for everything from food picks to napkin rings to customizing favors. I downloaded a template from Avery to layout the images and had the hostess purchase the same sticker sheets (Avery Round Labels, 20 per sheet - Product #8293) from an office supply store.

Other items included a coordinating pendant sign - just cut out the triangles and tape to some ribbon and little pop up centerpieces - just cut out, 3 folds and a piece of tape!  These custom touches allowed the hostess to just pick up some simple solid color items found anywhere to tie it all together!


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