Bike Cruise

We live by a string of beach bars and the best way to hit them up is by bicycle.  So one weekend we gathered up some friends and their bicycles for a fun bar hop.  I designed a logo for the event combining an anchor and a bicycle wheel and our Bicycle Bar Cruise was born!

Before setting out I set out a spread to fuel us up for the adventures ahead.  Pasta salad with shrimp using wagon wheel pasta, pulled pork pancake muffins, and mexican corn dip.

I also had plenty of 'flair' for people's bike and themselves... blinking lights and glowsticks (safety first!) plus stickers and streamers.  I designed and ordered the stickers from Sticker Mule and loved them!

Also so everyone in the bar would know who rolled into town (and to commemorate the occasion) I ordered a bunch of beer coozies!  Coozies were from Personalized Drinkware.  We had enough stickers and coozies that we even gave some out to happy patrons at the bars.

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