We're All Mad Here!

No matter what age you are celebrating, a party can make you feel like a kid again.  For a good friend's 40th birthday we took a trip down the rabbit hole and threw a Wonderland Party!  We took over half the house and the whole backyard to feature different vignettes and activities from the Wonderland story including, the Queen's Rose Garden, the Caterpillar's Den, the Pool of Tears, and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party! Feathers, flowers, and flamingos anything goes in Wonderland!  Each area was over the top as only Wonderland can be but was kept cohesive with distinct colors and motifs from blank and white with cards and hearts for the Queen, green and purple with mushrooms and flowers for the Caterpillar, to pastels and teapots for the Mad Hatter.  And of course the big Cheshire Cat was mounted in a tree to keep watch over it all!


As guests arrived they walked passed over-sized cards and their handywork of painting the roses red!  I took white paper flowers, dabbed red paint on them and stuck them in the bushes lining the walkway.

In the 'This Way' 'That Way' world of Wonderland, signage was important.  Festive black and white signs helped guide guests from the entrance and throughout the party.

Guests were encouraged to wear Wonderland inspired costumes and a photobooth was set up to capture everyone in their tea party finest!  Games and tasty treats were everywhere for guests to enjoy and reinforced the playful mood.  Chess and checker boards were spray painted directly onto the lawn and croquet was set up with lawn flamingos looking on.

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