Party Shoes

Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world - Bette Midler
One of my good friend’s birthdays was coming up and I wanted to make the affair extra special. Meanwhile, my friend was super excited for her birthday and told me all about the perfect pair of shoes she had treated herself to in honor of the occasion. The fabulous birthday shoes were hot pink with tiny purple polka dots and inspired birthday drinks and desserts infused with pink, purple, and high style!

Sweet treats really indulged in the party colors! We kept it simple with colored M&Ms but got a little fancy with chocolate covered strawberries dressed up in pink and purples. One of our friends whipped up “confetti” cupcakes iced in pinks and purples and topped off with the perfect pink high heels and purses picks from online baking supplier Fancy Flours. (Hint: confetti cupcakes are created by throwing jimmies into any white cake batter before baking – we chose pink and purple ones of course!)

The birthday girl deserved her very own Signature Cocktail, and if it coordinated with her shoes, so much the better!  I mixed up a batch of “Stilettopolitans” in a glass pitcher and poured it into glasses rimmed in purple sugar.

Cocktail Recipe:
Mix 4 parts cranberry raspberry juice, 2 parts premium vodka, 1 part amaretto and add sliced limes. Swipe lime slice along glass rim and gently twist glass upside down in sugar on a small plate, fill with cocktail and enjoy!

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