Dia de los Muertos

I'm a fan of Halloween, but even more so I'm just a huge fan of dressing up in a costume!  This year I went all out with an homage to the Day of the Dead!  I obsessed over the right 'look' and created an entire Pinterest board for it.  For the make up I used all 'real' makeup instead of cheap costume store make up - the palest foundation I could find plus a variety of eyeliners and lipliners and a little practice.

For the costume I went to the dollar store for fake flowers and skulls and spiders and created a beautifully creepy headdress and corsage.  I had a ruffled top in my costume bin (told you I liked dressing up!) and added a ruffled black skirt.  Best part was finding the right wig and hand styling it just so!

I really think I need to find more occasions for this look!!

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