Sip of Summer

"Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right" ~ Mark Twain
I had a lovely visit this weekend from my friend Claire over at Gibson King and we enjoyed trying out a recipe she had saved on one of her amazing Pinterest boards.  Lately, I've been obsessed with these refreshing cocktail ingredients: Champagne, St. Germain, Cucumbers, Mint - so why not throw them all together for the perfect Summer Cocktail?!  Yes please!!  Whip some up and save me a glass:
Toss 4-6 thin cucumber slices and 2-3 "bruised" mint leaves into a glass with a few ice cubes.  Fill glass a bit more than halfway with Champagne and top with a splash (or two!) of St. Germain.  Give a quick stir and enjoy!
I also got to try out my new cocktail ice cube tray - ah the little things!  I'm sure this could be made "pitcher" style too - fantastic for brunches and showers!


  1. Ohhh they were so delicious and I swear the ice cubes made all the difference in the world too. Thanks for all the shout outs.

  2. YUM!! I owe my addiction to St. Germain to you! Great picture of the cocktails too!